Sunday, 6 May:                                     

16:00 – 18:00              Registration and mounting of posters, Lakeside Theatre, Aarhus University

18:00 – 18:30              Welcome and Workshop Goals (Bo Barker Jørgensen and Tori Hoehler)

18:30 – 19:15              Keynote Lecture:  Microbial Life on Minerals (Ken Nealson)

19:15 – ?                     Mixer

Monday, 7 May:

08:00 – 08:30              Registration and mounting of posters

08:30 – 10:20              Assessing Microbial Activity in Low Energy Environments (Chair: Jörg Overmann)

  • Controls on Energy Metabolism in the Deep Biosphere (Bo Barker Jørgensen, Alice Langerhuus, Bente Lomstein, Hans Røy) [Invited]
  • Subseafloor Life in the Seismogenic Accretionary Wedge (Fumio Inagaki, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs) [Invited]
  • Turnover of Microbial Biomass Under Energy Starvation (Bente Lomstein, Alice Langerhuus, Steven D’Hondt, Bo Jørgensen, Arthur Spivack) [Invited]
  • Modeling Microbial Life Under Extreme Energy Limitation (Marc Alperin, Tori Hoehler)

 10:20 – 10:40             Break

 10:40 – 12:45             Energy Flow in Environment and Organism (Chair: Bernhard Schink)

  •  Chemical Energy and the Subsurface Distribution of Anaerobes (Craig Bethke) [Invited] 
  •  Biomass Synthesis Driven by Geochemical Energy (Jan Amend) [Invited] 
  •  NanoSIMS Detection and Quantification of Carbon and Nitrogen Assimilation Activity in Deep Subseafloor Microbial Cells (Yuki Morono, Fumio Inagaki)
  • Biogeography of Metabolically Active Microbial Populations within the Subseafloor Biosphere (Brandi Kiel Reese, Cruz St. Peter, Laura Zinke, Katrina Edwards, Heath Mills
  • Reversibility of Catabolic Processes due to Energy Limitation:  Insights from Isotope Effects (Ben Brunner)

 12:45 – 14:15             Lunch

 14:15 – 16:40             Environmental Impacts on Bioenergetics (Chair: Rolf Thauer)

  • Surviving Prolonged Desiccation and the Prioritization of DNA Repair (John Battista) [Invited] 
  • Biological Mechanisms that Operate at Osmotic Stress (Bert Poolman) [Invited]
  • Life at its Limits:  Interplay Between Potassium Potential, Membrane Potential, and Low Water Activity in the Extremely Halophilic Archaeon Halobacterium salinarum (Karlheinz Altendorf) [Invited]
  • Bioenergetic Limitations on Organic Matter Degradation (Douglas LaRowe, Jan Amend)
  • Extracellular Bioelectricity and Energy Harvesting (Lars Peter Nielsen) [Invited]

 16:40 – 18:30            Poster Session

 19:00 – ?                   Reception at Town Hall


 Tuesday, 8 May:

 08:30 – 10:30              Bioenergetics Under Low Energy Supply (Chair: Bo Barker Jørgensen)

  •  Bioenergetics of Acetogenesis:  How to Make a Living by Producing Acetate from Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide (Volker Müller) [Invited]
  •  Energy Metabolism in Syntrophic Fatty Acid Oxidation (Bernhard Schink, Nicolai Müller, Alexander Schmidt, Dirk Oehler) [Invited]
  • Energy Conservation at Low Energy Supply (Rolf Thauer) [Invited]
  • Dormancy in Energy-Starved Microbial Communities (Jay Lennon) [Invited]


 10:30 – 10:45              Break

 10:45 – 13:00              The Starvation Strategists:  Model Organisms for Understanding Life at Low Energy Flux? (Chair: Rolf Thauer)

  • Phototrophy at Extremely Low Light Levels (Jörg Overmann) [Invited]
  • Physiological Adaptations to Slow Growth Rates by the Anaerobic Toluene Degrader Geobacter metallireducens (Sviatlana Marozava, Housna Mouttaki, Rainer Meckenstock)
  • Dehalogenating Chloroflexi – A Highly Niche-Adapted Slow Growing Group of Sediment Microbes as a Model System for Energy Limited Microbes? (Alfred Spormann, Ian Marshall, Koshlan Mayer-Blackwell, Anne-Kristin Kaster) 
  • A Potential Niche for Acetogens Under Extreme Energy Limitation (Mark Lever)
  • Probing the Genomic Content of Low-Energy Specialists (Karen Lloyd, Lars Schreiber, Dorthe Petersen, Michael Richter, Kasper Kjeldsen, Mark Lever, Sabine Lenk, Sara Kleindienst, Andreas Schramm, Bo Barker Jørgensen)
  • Energetics and Evolution in the Bacteria: A Hypothesis (Tony Curtis , Lise Øvreås, William Sloan)

 13:00 – 14:30              Lunch

 14:30 – 14:50              Synthesis and Charge to Breakout Groups (Tori Hoehler)

 15:00 – 17:30              1st Working Group Session

 19:00 – ?                     Workshop Dinner


Wednesday, 9 May:

08:30 – 10:30                2nd Working Group Session

10:30 – 11:00                Break

11:00 – 13:00                Plenary Session:  Reports of Working Groups

13:00                             End of Workshop, Lunch

Invited talks = 30 minutes including time for questions & changeover
Contributed talks = 20 minutes including time for questions & changeover





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